Science Studio

Science Studio by Bayer

Science Studio by Bayer is a science-focused Alexa skill for kids and their parents, offering step-by-step instructions for kid-friendly experiments, like how to build an Alka-Rocket, slime or elephant’s toothpaste!

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Science Studio by Bayer

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December 11, 2019

Scala, Luna Experience and Luna Sensation offer superior disease protection and provide an effective approach to resistance management

Bloom diseases are a consistent threat to California almond growers, in part due to unpredictable weather that in recent years has been warmer, wetter and more humid. When ideal conditions exist...

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December 10, 2019

Choose Alion as the Foundation for Integrated Weed Management

In orchards and vineyards, controlling weeds is about chasing nature. Weeds steal water and nutrients from crops and can make harvesting a challenge. Alion® herbicide from Bayer is a long-lasting...

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Last Updated: February 20, 2019