Diversity Councils

Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion Across Bayer’s U.S. Locations

Diversity Councils cultivate a respectful and inclusive work environment where all employees can reach their full potential and contribute to Bayer’s continued business growth. Bayer has implemented Diversity Councils at facilities throughout the U.S.

Baytown, TX
Council for Diversity Awareness
Its mission is to promote respect and understanding among employees of diverse backgrounds and culture by integrating the practice of valuing diversity into the site culture for desirable outcomes. At Baytown, our concept of diversity is valuing and appreciating similarities and differences of all employees so that their potential may be unleashed.

Berkeley, CA
Bayer Berkeley Diversity Council
The Berkeley Diversity Council is a committee of Bayer employees selected to represent the organization’s diverse nature. The objective of this process is to maintain an effective Diversity Council whose membership reflects the ethnic, racial, class, cultural, gender, sexual orientation, age, and employment classification of diversity on site.

Bayer CropScience — Nationwide
BCS Diversity Council
BCS Diversity Council's mission is to promote and strengthen a high performance culture by valuing, appreciating, and celebrating the unique similarities and differences of our employees, customers, and business partners to drive innovation and strategy, ultimately growing our business. The BCS Diversity Council is active at the Research Triangle Park, N.C., Shakopee, Minn., Kansas City, Mo., Stilwell, Kan., sites

Morristown, NJ
Morristown Diversity Council
The council’s vision is aspiring to work in an environment where differences are valued, encouraged and supported to better compete in the marketplace. Our mission is to be focused on efforts that educate employees and provide awareness about diversity related topics to help us value our differences.

Newark, OH
Newark Diversity Council
The council strives to develop an atmosphere of dignity and respect by valuing our similarities and differences. We seek to create an environment that promotes sustainable relationships among ourselves, our customers and our community.

Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Diversity Council (PDC)
The PDC strives to create an environment that cultivates, nurtures, and respects the diversity of its employees, customers, and business partners. Awareness and acceptance of individual differences and similarities strengthen Bayer's position in the global marketplace and promotes the well-being and productivity of the company's workforce.

Shawnee, KS
Animal Health Diversity Council
The Animal Health Diversity Council seeks a diverse workforce in which each worker can participate in and contribute to the divisional goals. The council identifies, evaluates and recommends proposals for achieving and sustaining this idea.

Wayne, NJ
Diversity and Inclusion Council
The mission of the council is to foster a culture enriched by the presence of people of all backgrounds that ensures respect, dignity and opportunity for every individual. We believe such an environment will increase the growth and productivity of our business and enable us to better serve our customers.