Employee Networks

Supporting the Spirit of Diversity and Inclusion

Employee Networks are voluntary, nonprofit associations of employees who work together to promote greater cultural diversity, awareness, and education.

African American Employee Network (ACCESS): ACCESS was created to improve lines of communication and promote greater cultural diversity and awareness. It provides a means for employees to exchange views, as well as continue their performance growth and development.

When the African American Employee Network brainstormed what our purpose was envisioned to be, and what purpose the name could represent, we agreed upon the name "ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITY" and the slogan, "Empowerment through Collaboration," which reflects how we would get there. The network is known as “ACCESS.”

African American/Hispanic Association (AAHA): This network was created to improve Bayer’s ability to leverage diversity so that it improves business results, talent acquisition/development and community outreach.

Angle-B: The mission of Angle-B is to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive workplace for members and allies to connect, find role models, and influence policy most notably including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in Bayer’s anti-discrimination policies . Angle-B participated in the “It Gets Better” campaign producing a video of Bayer employees voicing a message of hope for teens who are victims of gay intolerance.

Please click here for the Bayer "It Gets Better Video".

Bayer Resource for Armed Forces Veteran Employees (BRAVE)
The number of veterans returning to the U.S. is increasing by the thousands. These individuals will soon be leaving the military and seeking employment in the private sector.

BRAVE will offer resources to new and existing veteran employees, family members of veterans, supporters and allies. This group will provide a channel for support and networking.

Bayer Asian Society in America (BASIA): The mission of BASIA is to promote an environment and provide a network among all Bayer employees to enhance their awareness and understanding of Asian culture and working values.

LINKS: The purpose of LINKS is to enhance the corporate environment by helping to connect a newer generation of employees with the existing Bayer community. LINKS members benefit from a wide array of opportunities to enhance their professional development, expand their personal and professional networks and engage in the local community.

Pharmacists at Bayer (PhAB): PhAB promotes an environment and provides a network among all Bayer employees to enhance their awareness and understanding of the value and contributions of pharmacists within the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, PhAB effectively promotes professional development and growth for members in alignment with Bayer's vision and values.

Professional Moms (ProMoms): The mission of Professional Moms is to provide a forum that allows working moms to learn from and provide support to each other and to create awareness and understanding among all Bayer employees of our diverse roles as working moms and the contributions we bring to the workplace.

Sandwich Generation Networking Groups: SGNG's mission is to assist in reducing the distress felt by caregivers that is often associated with the searching, selecting and supporting efforts of providing care, leading to resources applicable to both caregivers and care recipients of all ages.

Women Leadership Initiative (WLI): The WLI was established and grew organically as a grassroots effort to foster women’s leadership at Bayer. The program provides networking opportunities, educational and mentoring programs, tools and other resources for female managers within Bayer HealthCare. Its objectives are to identify talent within the current organization while attracting top female talent; foster the advancement of women through targeted personal career plans, leadership skill building programs and support networks; and cultivate an environment and build competencies to ensure that high performing women have compelling reasons to stay and grow with the company.

Women’s Advocacy Through Visioning and Education (WAVE): WAVE’s mission is to cultivate a professional environment for women at Berkeley that recognizes and supports their development as an integral part of Bayer’s LIFE Values.

Women’s Initiative Networking Group (WINGs): WINGs’ vision is to be the recognized Center of Expertise for issues faced by professional women at Bayer in Pittsburgh, and beyond. Our mission is dedicated to the Advancement of Women while Supporting Work Life Balance at Bayer's Pittsburgh site.