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Science Studio by Bayer is a science-focused Alexa skill for kids and their parents, offering step-by-step instructions for kid-friendly experiments, like how to build an Alka-Rocket, slime or elephant’s toothpaste!

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The Science Studio skill offers STEM homework assistance and step-by-step instructions for kid-friendly experiments that can be done in and outside the home. Once the skill is enabled, just say "Alexa, open Science Studio."

Each Science Studio experiment is simple enough to conduct at home with adult supervision, and is accompanied by a scientific explanation, helping entertain and teach kids about important STEM concepts.

Science Studio FAQ

Currently, you can conduct a science experiment and explore our Homework Helper science lessons.
Currently there are five experiments to choose from: Alka-Rockets, Slime, Martian Jelly, Color-Changing Milk and Elephant’s Toothpaste.
Science Studio by Bayer includes Homework Helper which can teach you about: Atomic Bonds, the Electromagnetic Spectrum, Photosynthesis, Cell Composition and the States of Matter.
Yes, you can easily switch between the two. Throughout the lessons and experiments, there are opportunities to ask a question, pause, or move to a different part of the Science Studio skill.
Yes. There are several opportunities to have questions answered. The skill presents opportunities to ask questions partway through each Homework Helper lesson and experiment. For each lesson, terms are available to help increase your understanding about different Homework Helper topics. Note, if you say “Alexa” when asking a question, it could exit the skill. We recommend saying your question directly without invoking Alexa.
You may need to purchase the materials required for the experiments, but many of these materials can be found around the home, such as baking soda, grape jelly and vinegar. Please note, all experiments require the use of safety goggles (as well as parental supervision).
Lessons are generally 10 minutes long but may be longer if you choose to ask questions or have information repeated.
The experiments also generally run around 10 minutes long but may be longer or shorter depending on the experiment or if you have any information repeated.
  1. Enable the skill: There are a few ways to do this. You can say “Alexa, enable Science Studio” to your device, or find Science Studio using the Amazon Alexa app. Accept “Terms and Conditions” and ensure you have Parental Permission.
  2. Talk to Alexa
    1. Homework Helper: learn about a variety of science topics with quick lessons.
    2. Questions: ask questions and get more information about key concepts mentioned in the Homework Helper lessons.
    3. Experiments: choose one of our easy, at-home experiments to conduct. Each experiment comes with a scientific explanation of how the experiment works.