Safety & Environment

Keeping People and Communities Safe

Bayer is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees and the residents of the communities where we live and work. Our environmental policies and practices help to ensure that plant operations meet or exceed the highest standards in our respective industries. Risk identification and management play a key role in how Bayer incorporates safety and environmental aspects into its business processes.

In Bayer’s annual integrated report, sustainability is reported through safety and environmental key data. See all key data here.

Bayer has a long-standing tradition of participation in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program. The company has been involved at the national and global level since the program’s inception more than 25 years ago. In 2014, the American Chemistry Council named Bayer as a Responsible Care® Company of the Year – the organization’s highest award – in recognition of its commitment to continual improvement in environmental, health, safety and security performance.


Safety is our number one priority at Bayer. Whether it is the safety of our operations, our communities, our products, or our employees, every aspect of safety receives the highest level of attention. We strive for continual improvement through systems which define superior internal requirements and monitor our performance. Additionally, we have set goals to meet external standards such as OHSAS 18001 and Responsible Care. These organizations independently verify that Bayer’s systems are among the best in class. Our safety programs are publicly reported in Bayer’s annual report.


Protection of the environment is paramount to Bayer. We constantly evaluate our manufacturing, handling, packaging, and delivery processes to protect the environment and prevent pollution. That kind of consistent care comes at a cost, a cost we believe to be an essential and integral part of doing our business responsibly.

We publically document our environmental metrics, including greenhouse gas emission reduction and water conservation, in our non-financial targets. Read more about these environment programs in Bayer’s annual report.

In addition, many of our locations utilize a systematic approach to managing, continually improving, and verifying environmental programs. As such, these locations certify to global standards such as ISO14000 Environmental Management and/or Responsible Care Management System to receive external verification that the procedures and programs are robust.

Health & Wellness

At Bayer, our mission of “Science for a Better Life” guides us as we seek to improve the lives of patients, our customers, and our employees. Under the guidance of our Corporate Medical Director, Bayer helps to ensure the right policies and procedures are in place to keep our employees safe and healthy at work and beyond.

As an expression of this mission, B Well fosters employee health and safety by implementing site-specific safety and health programs for employees, identifying high-risk health behaviors, and offering personal health strategies.  B Well strives to create measurable improvement in the health of Bayer employees by establishing a culture and atmosphere that supports and enables healthy and safe behavior. Through good health management, our employees can strive toward an improved quality of life and can be more productive at work and at home. In turn, Bayer is beginning to see greater gains in overall productivity, reduced absenteeism, and health care cost savings. Through our experience, healthy and safe worksites generate positive returns for the business and help Bayer attract, retain and engage the best talent.


Bayer’s Security organization is charged with protecting our people and our business, minimizing economic losses and disruption, and safeguarding Bayer’s integrity and reputation.  Security plans and procedures have been implemented to mitigate the security risks associated with facility operations, raw material supply chain, distribution and counterfeiting and diversion of products, as well as intellectual property and information systems (cyber security).

Bayer continually evaluates and improves its security management systems by means such as audits and emergency response drills, and engaging local emergency planning organizations where possible and appropriate.