Political Action Committee



Bayer’s political action committee, BAYERPAC, was formed in 1993 by a group of Bayer employees who saw the dire need for employee involvement in the American political process on behalf of our company. Corporate funds cannot be used to directly support candidates running for federal office. Therefore employees band together and donate personal money to a pool that is used to make contributions to political candidates at the federal level or in states, where permitted by law.

Contributions through BAYERPAC are the best way to help elect legislators who understand and share our concerns on major policy issues affecting our company and our employees.

BAYERPAC is non-partisan and is issue-oriented. Our organization is directed by an executive board composed of employees from various business units and divisions.

BAYERPAC is our voice. By becoming a member of BAYERPAC, you and your colleagues are teaming up to help Bayer meet critical legislative challenges.

Our information and enrollment form answers many common questions.

BAYERPAC Is About Business

Ray Kerins

Choosing to support BAYERPAC is a business decision. BAYERPAC allows us to develop relationships with lawmakers and candidates who decide the outcome of public policy issues that affect our ability to bring innovative products to patients and growers who need them.

BAYERPAC members get unmatched access to information about the political landscape Bayer is facing.

Why Should I Support BAYERPAC?

A good relationship with your representatives is just one piece of the puzzle. In today’s government, the key to affecting legislation is building strategic coalitions. That’s what BAYERPAC does through its support of key candidates. In this important way, BAYERPAC is a supplement to your relationship with your elected representatives—not a substitute for it.

Our political system is designed to accommodate the diverse views and concerns of many interest groups across the country, including Bayer. Our company must be involved in winning the competition of ideas. Otherwise, we all stand to lose.

Governmental decisions concerning health care, modern agriculture, research and development, trade, tax, and other issues all affect our company’s operations and ability to succeed and compete in the marketplace. It is critical that we help to elect decision-makers who understand our concerns and will be champions for our issues.

Joining BAYERPAC Strengthens Our Voice

Our information and enrollment form answers many common questions.