Luke Bryan Farm Tour

Here’s to the Farmer

Spread the Word to Help Hungry Families

Here’s to the Farmer!

Bayer and Luke Bryan are teaming up to celebrate America’s farmers and help to fight hunger in the U.S. Help us by using the hashtag #HeresToTheFarmer on your social media channels - for every share, Bayer will donate a meal to a hungry family through Feeding America®.

Facts About American Farming

America’s farmers work tremendously hard to give all of us safe, affordable and nutritious food, and they deserve a big thank you. Spread the word to share some of these #HeresToTheFarmer facts:

  • 97% of U.S. Farms are operated by Families - Individuals, Family Partnerships or Family Corporations
  • Agriculture Employs MORE THAN 24 MILLION American Workers
  • 31% of American Farmers are Women
  • 83% of the food we eat in America is grown by U.S. farmers & ranchers

(Sources: American Farm Bureau Foundation, An Edible History of Humanity, USDA)

Tour Dates & Tickets

Visit Luke’s site for tour dates & tickets.