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These contacts are for media inquiries only.
All other inquiries can be directed to:
Bayer Corporation
100 Bayer Boulevard
Whippany, NJ 07981
Phone: 862-404-3000
Click here for general inquiries.
Click here to report an adverse event.
Click here if you are a US healthcare professional seeking medical information.

General Media Inquiries
Phone: 862-404-5118


Chris Loder
Vice President
Legal Matters, Making Science Make Sense, STEM, Bayer Foundation
Phone: 862-404-7437
Mobile: 201-396-4325

Dan Childs
General Inquiries
Mobile: 973-437-0809

Mark Bennett
Digital Media

Carolyn Nagle
U.S. Communications, External
Phone: 862-404-5955
Mobile: 201-419-0337

Consumer Health

Jennifer Brendel
Vice President
Consumer Health
Phone: 862-404-7025
Mobile: 862-246-5028


Steven Immergut
Vice President
Pharmaceuticals: general inquiries
Phone: 202-572-8613
Mobile: 202-805-9642

Sasha Damouni Ellis
Pharmaceuticals: general inquiries
Phone: 862-404-4777
Mobile: 646-842-2299

David Patti
Pharmaceuticals: Adempas, Kogenate, Kovaltry
Phone: 862-404-7070
Mobile: 973-452-6793

Courtney Mallon
Deputy Director
Pharmaceuticals: Mirena, Kyleena, Skyla
Phone: 862-404-4818
Mobile: 917-859-2409

Rose Talarico
Deputy Director
Pharmaceuticals: Oncology
Phone: 862-404-5302
Mobile: 973-856-1347

Chantel Mandel
Pharmaceuticals: West Coast
Phone: 510-705-7171
Mobile: 510-316-8910

Crop Science

Darren Wallis
Vice President
Crop Science
Phone: 919-549-2030
Mobile: 919-236-9757

Cory Wightman
Deputy Director
Crop Science
Phone: 919-549-2835
Mobile: 919-274-9970

Greg Coffey
Deputy Director
Crop Science
Phone: 816-242-2340
Mobile: 919-780-7003

Animal Health

Lauren Dorsch
Senior Communications Representative
Animal Health
Phone: 913-268-2747
Mobile: 913-827-6306